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Hi, I’m Penny,

I help you heal anxiety, trauma and emotional issues that are preventing you from feeling good.

I offer intuitive readings and counselling & wellness coaching for adults, teens & families, as well as weekly tapping circles to support you on your healing journey.

With my guidance, you can experience profound healing and a new level of wellness, resilience and freedom.

I help you by using evidence-based therapies, my intuition and the help of divine spirit guides.

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I offer Intuitive Readings and Counselling & Wellness Coaching to clients online all over
the world.


Intuitive Readings

Receive clarity, new insights and healing messages from Spirit.

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Counselling & Wellness Coaching

Experience emotional and physical healing. Achieve your dreams and goals.

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Counselling for Teens & Families

Learn strategies to alleviate stress and anxiety.  Experience emotional healing and peace of mind.

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Weekly Tapping Circle

Experience emotional and physical healing in a supportive group environment using EFT Tapping and more...

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Client love

Penny has helped me so much. She guided me through really difficult situations and she shed light and offered perspectives that I had not previously thought of.

Toronto, Canada

Thank you, Penny, for an encouraging, insightful session.

Calgary, Canada

I found my reading to be accurate, empowering and intriguing all at once.

Ellie Steele, Evolution Wellness
Ontario, Canada

Penny is an excellent intuitive guide and gifted channeler. She was able to provide missing pieces of insight into what I was seeing and feeling in my life. I highly recommend Penny for her gifts and guidance.

Whitby, Canada

Two years ago I had hives all over my body. I tried various treatments and nothing worked. I finally booked an EFT session and a couple of hours after the session, my hives were gone and I haven’t experienced them since!

Toronto, Canada

The session with Penny was Amazing!!! I am Very Happy with what she told me about my departed Loved Ones. The session helped me feel more hopeful, encouraged, and happy, knowing that my Loved Ones are ok. I highly recommend having a session with Penny!

Maria A.
Toronto, Canada

If you have any emotional or physical blocks that you want some relief from or if you want to connect with any relatives or loved ones who have passed away, I highly recommend booking a session with Penny!

Ontario, Canada

If you’re looking for an energy healer & channeler, I highly recommend Penny!

Ontario, Canada

Penny’s intuitive reading helped me gain clarity about strong feelings and physical manifestations I was having and could not explain. I’m grateful for this experience with Penny.


Since meeting with Penny, I’ve been getting up in the mornings and having more positive thoughts and feel like I have a more positive outlook on life.

Toronto, Canada

Penny’s intuitive wellness approach helped me overcome obstacles related to my mental health and has been more effective than traditional therapies I have tried in the past.

Toronto, Canada

I felt comfortable and safe working with Penny and I highly recommend her.

Toronto, Canada

Wow! Thank you for helping me to release some deep-rooted emotional and physical issues. I feel so much better! Can’t wait for the next session.

Deenah Dunkelman Mollin
Toronto, Canada

Thank you Penny.  I totally enjoyed the experience of EFT ‘your style’ – and the effort you seemed so easily to extend. 

Ontario, Canada

Penny assisted me in processing deep emotional wounds from infancy. Her caring and intuitive nature allowed me to get to the heart of the matter. It was amazing!

Georgina Bastien
Toronto, Canada

My intuitive reading was very insightful and affirming. I highly recommend Penny!

Toronto, Canada

Penny put me at ease immediately. Her intuitive reading was insightful and gave me a great sense of peace.

Ontario, Canada

Penny has helped me enormously in overcoming PTSD. She guided me with kindness and patience and I am more than thankful for her help in my life!


The heart breathing technique in Penny’s self-care toolkit has been truly helpful in keeping me energized and focused throughout my workday.  Thank you Penny.

Ontario, Canada

Penny helped me tremendously with anxiety and chest pain I experienced after an injury. During our session, the pain started to lessen. It was such an amazing feeling.

Toronto, Canada

My intuitive reading with Penny was an amazing experience that completely resonated with me and has had the most positive impact on my life.

Debi H.
Texas, USA

Penny’s vibrant and approachable spirit made the session comfortable and fun!

Toronto, Canada
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