Client Love

Penny has been really helpful in assisting me with overcoming anxiety and rewiring how I perceive myself and events that have shaped my life.  She is very patient, kind and empathic and puts in a lot of effort and care into helping achieve your goals.  Penny’s intuitive wellness approach helped me overcome obstacles related to my mental health and has been more effective than traditional therapies I have tried in the past.  I highly recommend Penny and her holistic practice for anyone looking to start living a better quality of life.

Toronto, Canada

Penny, wow, that was a fabulous EFT matrix reimprinting session I had with you today. Thank you for helping me to release some deep-rooted emotional and physical issues. I feel so much better! Can’t wait for next week’s session.

Deenah Dunkelman Mollin
Toronto, Canada

My intuitive reading with Penny was very positive.  I appreciate that Penny was able to connect with my great aunt as she was a supportive person in my life.  Since meeting with Penny, I’ve been getting up in the mornings and having more positive thoughts and feel like I have a more positive outlook on life.

Toronto, Canada

Penny’s intuitive reading helped me gain clarity about strong feelings and physical manifestations I was having and could not explain.  She gently guided me through the process and reported her findings in a way that made sense to me.  She expressed clearly what was coming through, distinguishing between the raw information she was receiving and her interpretation of that information.  The experience was comfortable, interesting, and encouraging.  I’m grateful for this experience with Penny.


My intuitive reading with Penny was very insightful and affirming.  I really like Penny’s gentleness and the way she worked with me to explore the meaning of the information she received.  I highly recommend Penny!

Toronto, Canada

Penny helped me tremendously with anxiety and chest pain I experienced after an injury.  I wasn’t sure if tapping would help but I was willing to try.  After 40 minutes into our tapping session, I could feel heat and a warm sensation in my chest and the pain started to lessen.  It was such an amazing feeling.  Penny is incredibly gifted and knowledgeable and she made me feel comfortable and allowed me to go deeper into my issues during the session.

Toronto, Canada

I have had quite a few intuitive readings in my life but my intuitive reading with Penny was an amazing experience that completely resonated with me and has had the most positive impact on my life. Her psychic abilities are highly developed as she saw, heard and felt my issue. Penny shared her findings with such clarity, and in a way that I could take actionable steps to realize and release my issue. I highly recommend Penny for any intuitive assistance that you may need.

Debi H.
Texas, USA

I highly recommend Penny!  I have had several EFT sessions with Penny and I found these sessions very effective. Two years ago I had hives all over my body.  I tried various treatments and nothing worked.  I finally booked an EFT session and a couple of hours after the session, my hives were gone and I haven’t experienced them since!  Penny is great to work with.  She provides a comfortable and non-judgemental atmosphere.  I am grateful for her services and highly recommend!

Toronto, Canada

Penny put me at ease immediately.  Her intuitive reading was insightful and gave me a great sense of peace.  Thank you Penny!

Ontario, Canada

Penny has helped me so much.  She guided me through really difficult situations and she shed light and offered perspectives that I had not previously thought of.  The tapping cleared extreme anxiety related to a particular event, and a few sessions later I was able to think about the memory with no emotional trigger…what a BLESSING!!!!  She also guided me to look within myself and find a clear path moving forward.  I was initially skeptical about whether her approaches would work for me but it helped me completely.  Thank you Penny.

Toronto, Canada

I was blessed to find Penny in a serendipity that led me to having an intuitive reading with her.  Penny’s gentle spirit and solid energy made me feel comfortable opening up to whatever messages she could receive on my behalf.  I found my reading to be accurate, empowering and intriguing all at once.  She confirmed things for me that allowed me to step into a knowing that I hadn’t yet stepped into, and she gave me some insights that are pulling me towards my future manifestations in a powerful way.

Ellie Steele, Evolution Wellness
Ontario, Canada

Penny skillfully guided me to resolve core childhood events.  I enjoyed connecting with my inner child, I was able to bring further piece to my relationship with my dad, and my eyesight improved!  I also learned how to use tapping protocols for de-stressing on my own.   I felt comfortable and safe working with Penny and I highly recommend her.

Toronto, Canada

Thank you, Penny, for an encouraging, insightful session. Your responses to my questions were very helpful and best of all, you have such a warm and caring manner.

Calgary, Canada