Offering intuitive readings and wellness coaching online to clients all over the world.  In-person coaching available at my office in Toronto, Canada. 


Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings may provide clarity, healing and new insights regarding your personal health and well-being, career and relationships. Information that comes through may touch upon the past but will typically focus on the present and potential future.

What to expect during your Intuitive Reading

As a Medium, I channel messages from Spirit/Divine and the spiritual realms and psychically connect to your energy field. Spirit mostly communicates with me clairvoyantly (clear seeing). I am shown pictures, images, symbols and mental movies all in my minds eye pertaining to the messages they want to convey to you. They also communicate with me through my feelings (clairsentience), my hearing (clairaudience), and my clear knowing (claircognizance). Essentially, I’m an interpreter for the spiritual realm. I care about delivering messages to you with integrity and thoughtfulness and will share with you what I see, sense, hear and perceive in a way that is clear and understandable. I have set an intention that the messages and information that come through your intuitive reading will be helpful and empowering.

Unless directed otherwise, I will typically start the reading by providing you with a message from Spirit. After the message is delivered, I will prompt you for any questions you would like to ask. However, feel free to ask questions at the beginning or anytime during your reading. I encourage you to come prepared with your questions.


A note about connecting with your departed loved one during an Intuitive Reading

If you would like to receive messages from a departed loved one during your intuitive reading, please send a request to that spirit by way of thought or prayer, prior to your reading, asking them to communicate through me during your appointment. This specific request in itself does not guarantee that the spirit you want to hear from will come through but will be helpful if you wish to make a specific connection. Please inform me at the beginning of your reading if you wish to make a specific connection, but do not provide me with details about your departed loved one unless asked.

I welcome and encourage you to audio record your intuitive reading.  I can also record your reading upon request. 

Intuitive Readings

$56 or $111

30 min or 60 min

Online via Zoom

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Frequently asked questions - Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Wellness Coaching

Are you interested in reconnecting to your innate wisdom for answers to your own healing and life journey? Would you like to shine your light brighter and experience more joyful feeling vibes?

It is possible for you to create what you desire regarding your personal health and wellness, career, and relationships. I empower you to heal emotional issues so you can feel better and recognize your unlimited potential and ability to manifest your dreams.

If you have repressed emotions or limiting beliefs about yourself it may show up in your life as anxiety, shame, trauma, depression, physical health issues, unhealthy coping patterns or unhealthy relationships. When you change your inner reality by calming the stress response and release emotional issues, you create room for empowering beliefs and uplifting emotions that will naturally have you feel better. You will gain the confidence to take actions to manifest your dreams.

I primarily utilize energy psychology therapies, such as, Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting, another way of using EFT Tapping, as well as, my intuition to facilitate your emotional healing and greater connection to yourself and your intuition.


Who is Intuitive Wellness Coaching for?

  • You would like me to guide you in healing emotional issues pertaining to anxiety (intense fears, panic attacks, phobias), trauma (emotional, sexual, and physical), self-esteem, career, performance issues, or relationship issues.
  • You want effective strategies for regulating your emotions and increasing your self-confidence.
  • You want to break free from unhealthy relationship patterns and manifest the relationships you desire.
  • You are open to being guided to discover the answers to your healing within you.
  • You are open to energy psychology therapies.

Benefits of Intuitive Wellness Coaching

  • Hopeful & happy feelings
  • Calm & relaxed feelings
  • More joyful & loving vibes
  • New insights & ‘aha’ moments
  • Greater resilience
  • Enhanced intuition
  • Feeling Inspired
  • Expanded consciousness
  • Positive mindset & more confidence

Initial Intuitive Wellness Coaching Session

Your initial coaching session is an opportunity for you to consult with me regarding emotional issues you are hoping to gain relief from. I will offer strategies and suggestions for you to consider.  We can begin to implement strategies to heal your emotional issues and achieve your goals using energy psychology approaches, mainly EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimimprinting. I may also use my intuitive abilities to gain further healing insights into your concern.


90 minutes

Online via Zoom

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Subsequent Intuitive Wellness Coaching Sessions

We will continue to implement strategies to heal your emotional issues and achieve your goals using energy psychology approaches, mainly EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting. I may also use my intuitive abilities to gain further healing insights into your concern.

$150 or $175

60 or 90 minutes

Online via Zoom


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Frequently asked questions - Intuitive Wellness Coaching